Thursday, July 01, 2010

Dinner Time

Every family has a child that won't eat. For us, it is Kestian. If ever there was a contest for the longest time it takes to eat a small bowl of vegetables, Kestian could win it hands down.

In our house, to make sure the kids eat enough veggies, we serve a bowl of them to the kids before they get their "real dinner" (which then usually contains 3 or 4 fruits, plus "dinner"). It has taken Kestian up to 45 minutes to eat his veggies - before he even starts "dinner." No amount of encouragement, discouragement, pleading, ignoring, or evil eyes will get him to eat any faster than "Kestian-speed." Yeah. I get it. He's a slow eater, but come on! Anyway, lest I drag on about this ad nauseum, see for yourself...

(Thanks Kirk for your editing magic!)


chris said...

Love the video. Ryan is the same way with her veggies. We also do the pre-dinner veggie bowl. Good trick!

Julie said...

Okay that was so funny! BTW (actually totally off topic) what color paint is that on your walls? I love it and want something just like it for mine!